Central Football introduced the 'Retreating Line Rule' in 2019 which has seen benefits to our 9th, 10th, 11th & 12th Grades.

The Retreating Line rule enables and encourages our young footballers to start to develop and enjoy a style of play in keeping with Worlds best practice and New Zealand Football’s playing philosophy.

The implemented rule has been met with fantastic feedback from players, coaches, spectators and parents alike. The Retreating Line helps create a game which is enjoyable to play, watch and coach.

The rule creates more opportunities for players to:

  • Build attacking play from the back by playing out from the goalkeeper
  • Recognise opportunities to play through the thirds
  • Identify movements to receive and play between opposition units
  • Learn effective ways to press from the front
  • Be educated in the offside rule and learn how to time forwards runs

New Zealand Football and Central Football are delighted to work with you in helping to drive forward the game, as well as help develop players for the modern game.